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Car-sharing services

  • The Car Sharing Association is the trade organization for the car-sharing industry. They provide information about car-sharing in cities around the world.
  • This is the Wikipedia article about Zipcar, Inc., which owns vehicle fleets across two continents, with members in many cities that pay fees to use the cars. They recently absorbed Flexcar, a competitive service, and have connections with similar companies in Barcelona and London. Even more recently, they have been bought by Avis Budget Group. Their own company link is here.

Ride-sharing arrangements

  • La'zooz is a ride-sharing service in the process of being created, using the same block-chain technology that BitCoin uses. Completely decentralized! (presented by Shareable)
  • This is La'Zooz' own website. Although La'Zooz could be considered a car-sharing company, the founders created it as a ride-sharing one. Anyone want a ride to Seattle?

City-wide intelligent traffic systems

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