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New Types of Cars

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Electric cars

The Hypercar

  • Hypercars.com is the business that was set up to finish designing and manufacture the 'hypercar' concept car. I'm not sure what's happened to them, it all looked golden...
  • Wikipedia's 'hypercar' article, as usual, is pithy and reliable.


Other new kinds of cars

  • "Auto Correct", a New Yorker article about self-driving cars. Good stuff.
  • TATA Motors Air-Car? -- here's a critical evaluation.
  • The Tata 'Nano' Wikipedia page offers a taut description of this Indian low-cost, low-fuel-consumption mini-car. You can Google 'Tata Nano' and find other pages, including their 'splash' page. Christopher Steiner's book '$20 per Gallon' (at the Kl Co Library) has a section on this car.

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