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"There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come."
-- Victor Hugo (paraphrased)

"What about embracing sustainability because of the things we love about the present, not because we fear the future?"
-- Larry Santoyo, permaculture designer and teacher

"We know that we cannot reap the harvest, but we hope that we may so well prepare the land and so diligently sow the seed that our successors may gather the ripened grain."
Liberty Hyde Bailey

"Really, it's like the spirits have made a deal with us."
"And what is the deal?" I asked.
"We're on our own. The spirits have been good enough to let us live here and use the utilities, and we're saying: We know how nice you're being. We appreciate the rain, we appreciate the sun, we appreciate the deer we took. Sorry if we messed up anything. You've gone to a lot of trouble, and we'll try to be good guests."
-- a Pueblo view of things, in Barbara Kingsolver's novel Animal Dreams

"Self-reliance my ass. We're fucking monkeys. It's always about teamwork."
-- Kim Stanley Robinson, in New York 2140, 2017, p.541

"To be singleminded is to be unmindful. Mindfulness is keeping many different things in mind and observing their relations and proportions.
To conquer is to be careless. Carefulness is holding oneself and one's acts in appropriate relation and proportion to the many other beings and intentions.
To take is to be joyless. Joyfullness is accepting the given, which cannot be earned by mindfulness nor deserved by carefulness."
-- Ursula Le Guin, in Always Coming Home

"Sustainability has to be economic, social, and environmental"
[unknown commentator in video 'Life in Syntropy', on YouTube]

Tikkun olam: the Repair of the World
-- Jewish phrase and important goal

"More concretely, the Torah doesn't differentiate between its varieties of commandments: God doesn't distinguish between our obligations toward each other, the planet, or Him. Running a society and caretaking the world are as sacred as worship and ritual."
-- Jewish commentary on 'tikkun olam' (the repair of the world)

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Here's the meat of it:

  • "A sustainable practice is one that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." (Bruntland Report, as modified)

  • Take a look at this video about how people are living sustainably in the Klamath Basin:

  • Our brochure has some good words on the subject.

  • A few years ago, groups in Klamath County went through a major effort that produced the Klamath 2020 Vision Statement. This document contains working definitions of what sustainability should mean in several important areas of life, in the Klamath Basin.

  • In business, environmental, and government circles, there are at least two current definitions of "sustainability":

    1. The first, sometimes called "weak sustainability" or "sustainable development", has at its core the maintenance of economic growth, no matter what else happens. (Economists, bankers, and business-people love this definition.)
    2. The second, sometimes called "strong sustainability", understands that no growth process can continue forever in a finite world, and that therefore both population growth and economic growth will eventually come to an end -- through a serious global crash if nothing better intervenes.

  • Here's still more stuff about it:
    The Sustainability Revolution Andres Edwards Book Sust. KSC An overview of sustainability and its implications. Strong emphasis on various people's lists of sustainability's core principles and how they interact.
    Confronting Hidden Threats to Sustainability WorldWatch Institute Book Sust. Kl Co Covers areas such as energy, credit, and the end of growth; stranded assets; loss of ag. resources; oceans & resilience; the arctic; diseases from animals; migration

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