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This section is intended to include newer items of building design & construction, which help improve the "greenness" of a structure. Some of these items can also be adapted to vernacular structures.

Cross ventilation

Integrated design

Bioshelters, Ocean Arks, City Farming Todd & Todd Book City life, food, community Both Subtitled "Ecology as the basis of design," this book considers biological design and its impacts on our communities and our agriculture.

The "passivHaus"

The Germans invented the name 'PassivHaus', which means a house that needs no heating or cooling beyond what the structure, the sun, and waste heat from the occupants' activities provide. Here is a Wikipedia article that tells more.

  • Allen and Lea is an architectural firm emphasizing Passive Houses (non-energy consumptive, approximately) and other hyper-modern architectural ideas.
  • The 'passivHaus' is a German idea that is gaining wide publicity. Basically, it uses no energy beyond what is given off by the inhabitants and their daily activities. The link is to the Wikipedia article.

Thermal chimneys

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