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Political & Economic Inequality

"Advanced information technology is a major driver of inequality."
-- Al Gore

"So let's see. You work every day of the year, except for three lousy weeks. You create around a hundred thousand dollars of value. Your boss takes two thirds, and gives you one third, and you give a third of that to the government. Your government uses its share to build all the roads and schools and police and pensions, and your boss takes his share and buys a mansion on an island somewhere. So naturally you complain about your bloated inefficient Big Brother of a government, and you always vote for the pro-owner party. How stupid is that?"
-- Kim Stanley Robinson, in Forty Signs of Rain (hardcover, P.74)

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Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
99 to 1 C. Collins, B. Ehrenreich Book Inequality ILL Subtitled "How Wealth Inequality Is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do about It"
Capital in the 21st Century Thomas Piketty Book Inequality Kl Co This is a subject that Piketti has spent nearly two decades studying. One main thesis of this book, as I understand it, is that often the rate of return on capital (which funds most of the wealth of those at the top of the economic ladder) exceeds the growth rate of the economy as a whole (which generally funds wages and salaries). Thus there is a strong tendency for the rich to become ever richer, often at the expense of the less rich.
Debt: The First 5000 Years David Graeber Book Economics, History KlCo Never knew there was so much to know about debt! Turns out he's talking at least as much about our cultural history as about our economics. Slavery! Whew!
Down the Up Escalator Barbara Garson Book Econ Kl Co Subtitled "How the 99 Percent Live in the Great Recession"
Economic Apartheid in America Chuck Collins Book Inequality Kl Co Subtitled "a primer on economic inequality & insecurity".
Forces of Divergence John Cassidy Mag. article Inequality Kl Co/ KSC A very readable review, in the March 31, 2014 New Yorker, of Thomas Piketty's new book Capital in the Twenty-first Century (see above). If there's not time to read the whole book, you should at least read the review.
Inequality for All Robert Reich Video Inequality Kl Co Reich's eloquent and moving description of American political and economic changes in the last 30-40 years. Using current affairs footage and insights from a life of government service and teaching, Reich explores the reasons for the changes. Worth your time.
It's Even Worse than It Looks Mann & Ornstein Book, Audio Inequality Kl Co How the American constitutional system collided with the new politics of extremism

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