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"If modern living generates rubbish, pollution, and waste, then it is childish and naive to try to hide and ignore it."
-- Israeli comment, quoted by David Holmgren

"Waste is a terrible thing to waste."
-- Amory Lovins, in Reinventing Fire

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In general:

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
The Closing Circle Barry Commoner Book Econ, Envir ILL Commoner was one of the first to suggest that the American economy should be restructured to conform to the laws of the natural world. In this book he enunciates and explains his 'Four Laws of Ecology'.
Dare to repair Sussman, Julie Recycling/repair Kl Co Subtitled "A do-it-herself guide to fixing (almost) anything in the home."
Reuse It City of Eugene Video Recyc. KSC Ideas and urgings about reusing all and sundry items.
Scrappers Rondinella & Kimble Video Recycling Kl Co "How the Heartland won WW II" by collecting scrap metals

Important specific areas:

Local recycling resources:

  • KCSW - the Klamath County Solid Waste Division
  • Klamath Recycling, LLC recycles electronics and many other items. They're on Onyx in KF.
  • LampTracker is Waste Management's website that explains recycling fluorescent lamps, which contain mercury, and are subject to state and federal requirements.
  • Waste Mgt's web page for Klamath residents has good information on recycling and other waste topics, such as what to do with electronic items (not in the general waste stream!).
  • Staples recycles computers.

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