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"Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do."
-- Isaac Asimov

"Self-reliance my ass. We're fucking monkeys. It's always about teamwork."
-- Kim Stanley Robinson, in New York 2140, 2017, p.541

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Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
The Whole Earth Catalog (several editions) Brand, Stewart, et al. Book Living Sust. Both Generally subtitled 'Access to tools', many of which are books and other information sources. Covers low-cost, creative, self-reliant living, with emphasis on nomadics, crafts, communications, community, shelter, and land occupations. Listed libraries have editions from 1970 to 1986, at least.

Community -- the basis for our lives

Energy self-reliance

Food self-reliance



Homesteading (one way to live self-reliantly)

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
The Encyclopedia of Country Living Carla Emery et al. Book LS/Food Kl Co The 10th edition of this book on food production and self-reliance
Five Acres and Independence M.G. Kains Book Living Sust. Both Seminal handbook for small farm management
Homesteading Gene Logsdon Book Living Sust. KSC How to find a new independence on the land
Homesteading: A Practical Guide to Living off the Land Crawford, Patricia Book Living Sust. KSC By one of the original women homesteaders: the guide she looked for, and couldn't find.
Carrying Water as a Way of Life Linda Tatelbaum Book Living sust ILL History of a homesteader
Living the Good Life Nearing, Helen & Scott Book LS Both Helen & Scott Nearing's seminal book
Living on a Few Acres US Department of Agriulture Book LS KSC A good handbook by the USDA
The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It Seymour, John Book Food/Living sust. Both Original back-to-the-land guru. Growing your own, preserving, building stuff, livestock, compost toilets, lot of other stuff.


Skills, techniques, formulas

2,000 Down Home Skills Gala Books Book Living Sust. KSC Secret Formulas for practically everything
Basic Country Skills Storey, John & Martha Book Living Sust. Both A practical guide to self-reliance
Cloudburst Vic Marks Book Living Sust. Both Handbook of rural skills and technologies (2 books)
Cloudburst 2 Vic Marks Book Living Sust. Both The 2nd edition of this handbook of rural skills and technology
Country Wisdom and Know-How (many) Book Living sust ILL A compendium of many writings from _Country Wisdom Bulletin_ from the 1970's
Farm Conveniences Lyons Press Book Living sust. KSC Classic American labor-saving devices
Gene Logsdon's Practical Skills Logsdon, Gene Book Living Sust. KSC A revival of forgotten crafts, techniques, and traditions
Handy Farm Devices Cobleigh, Rolfe Book Living sust. Both Classic American ingenuity
Made for the Country Kimber, Robert Book Living Sust. Kl Co Brilliant essays on the best country items

Water self-reliance

Dealing with our own waste

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