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Kicking the Consumptive Life-style

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Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Homefront Sharon Astyk Book Liv Sust; Crisis KSC Astyk's introduction is pricelss in its succinct, dead-on analysis of collapse, and is reason enough to buy and send this book to everyone you know who is partially or completely clueless about where we're headed.
The Whole Earth Catalog (several editions) Brand, Stewart, et al. Book Living Sust. Both Generally subtitled 'Access to tools', many of which are books and other information sources. Covers low-cost, creative, self-reliant living, with emphasis on nomadics, crafts, communications, community, shelter, and land occupations. Listed libraries have editions from 1970 to 1986, at least.
Dare to repair Sussman, Julie Recycling/repair Kl Co Subtitled "A do-it-herself guide to fixing (almost) anything in the home."

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