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Changes in Cities

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Improving planning and design:

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
Ecological Design: Inventing the Future Jay Baldwin, Stewart Brand, Buckminster Fuller,... VHS City chgs Kl Co Although slightly dated, this film shows images of rural and city designs that are beneficial to the earth and beautiful, and can be put in place today. Notable is the footage on Curitiba, Brazil, perhaps the most truly ecological city in the world.
Bioshelters, Ocean Arks, City Farming Todd & Todd Book City life, food, community Both Subtitled "Ecology as the basis of design," this book considers biological design and its impacts on our communities and our agriculture.
Home from nowhere James Howard Kunstler Book Community Kl Co Subtitled "Remaking our everyday world for the twenty-first century", this book explores the city as an antithesis of the suburban "nowhere" he described in The Geography of Nowhere.

What should we improve?

  • emphasizing neighborhoods; locating homes, schools, shopping, work within walking or biking distance
  • emphasizing human scale & integration of natural elements
  • de-emphasizing skyscrapers, which are useful only with cheap, plentiful energy
  • emphasizing smaller, more compact cities
  • de-emphasizing automobiles; replacing pavement with light rail, green spaces, aquifer recharge areas

Improving community:

Improving energy use:

Producing food in the city

Using 'green' building techniques

Improving transport

Some cities that have it right

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