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Kids & Nature

"Nature is beautiful, but not always pretty."
-- Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods

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Nature videos

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
My Life as a Turkey Joe Hutto video Kids/nature Kl Co An absolutely beautiful & enthralling account of this naturalist's year as a "parent" to a flock of about 15 turkey poults, who gradually grow up and eventually leave home. Highly recommended.
Rhinoceros Nature series WebLink Kids/nature Kl Co Part 2 of 'Africa's incredible hulks'. Produced for the television series 'Nature' in 2007.
Salmon: Running the gauntlet Nature series Video kids/nature Kl Co Produced for the TV series Nature in 2011.
Unforgettable elephants Nature series WebLink kids/nature Kl Co Part 1 of 'Africa's incredible hulks'. Produced for the television series Nature in 2007.
Waddlers & paddlers PBS Nature series Video Kids/nature Kl Co Originally broadcast in 1994 as part of the Nature series on PBS.
(other nature videos) (various) Video Kids/nature Kl Co The Klamath County Library System owns many more nature videos than we have space for here. We've watched Oceans (several different ones), Penguins, African Cats, Butterflies; there are series by the BBC, the National Geographic, even Disney! Be venturesome, find some for yourself!
The Best Way to Learn about a Tree David Sobel Mag. article Kids/nature Both In Yes! magazine's Spring 2014 issue, a lovely article about restoring true kindergartens to children. The magazine hasn't put these articles up on their website yet. It's on p. 29, if you already have the issue or can find it at a library.

Nature books for parents

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
Ecological Literacy Stone & Barlow Book kids & nature Kl Co Subtitled "Educating our children for a sustainable world". Great essays by Jeannette Armstrong, Fritjof Capra, Wendell Berry, Alice Waters, David Orr, Donella Meadows, and others. A Bioneers book.
Last Child in the Woods Richard Louv book kids/nature Kl Co "Saving our children from Nature-Deficit Disorder"

Seasonal activities

  • International Migratory Bird Day is celebtated annually at Veterans Park in Klamath Falls. The date is in May, and there are booths, demonstrations on nature topics, and some live music.
  • The Winter Wings Festival is held annually, around St. Valentine's day, at OIT in Klamath Falls. It usually lasts for three days; there are public presentations, booths selling birding and other nature-related items, and many mini-classes on birding topics. There are classes on nature photography and art, and opportunities to meet-and-mingle with others interested in birding and the natural world.
  • Love-the-Earth Activities
  • Earth Day Awareness

Outdoor education

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