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"Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence."
-- Abigail Adams

"Children should be seen and heard and believed."
-- on a bumper sticker

"The purpose of education is the transmission of values."
-- Wes Jackson, founder of The Land Institute; quoted in Wendell Berry,
"New Roots for Agricultural Research"

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The Best Way to Learn about a Tree David Sobel Mag. article Kids/nature Both In Yes! magazine's Spring 2014 issue, a lovely article about restoring true kindergartens to children. The magazine hasn't put these articles up on their website yet. It's on p. 29, if you already have the issue or can find it at a library.
Yes! Magazine education issue editors of Yes! magazine issue Kids & Educ Both Articles cover: the myth of failing public schools; abdication by author of "No Child Left Behind"; forest kindergartens; restorative justice in schools; teachers' unions; Washington school's revolt against tests; big coal propaganda; and more. If the Library's copy of this issue is not available, call Jerry at 541-545-1030.
  • Citizens for Safe Schools - a local org working for school safety.
  • A Milk jug igloo built with 428 gallon jugs, hot glue, and cardboard, in a Michigan school. Shelter in an afternoon! (But does it shed rain?)
  • Klamath Sustainable Communities
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