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"I will tell you," the dragon said finally, "what wisdom is, if you will promise to become wise."
"How can I promise that?" Ker blurted in a panic. Sweat ran down his ribs, and dried in the heat of the dragon's breath.
"Small beings can have small wisdom," the dragon said. "And small wise beings are better than small fools.
Listen: Wisdom is caring for afterwards."
"Caring for afterwards...?" Ker repeated this without understanding.
"After action; afterwards," the dragon said. "Choose the afterwards first, then the action. Fools choose action first."
The dragon's snout edged closer, nudged him. He staggered back: A dragon's nudge is like a blow from a strong man. Or a dwarf.
"You see," the dragon murmured. "You do know." -- Elizabeth Moon, in "Judgment"

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