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Preserving What You Grow

"Growing your own food is like printing your own money!"
-- Ron Finley, in a TED talk

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Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving Hearthmark LLC Book Food Both How to can, freeze, pickle, and otherwise preserve most anything you could grow or produce
How to Grow and Preserve Your Own Food Mother Earth News Book Food ILL Tips, advice, success stories and info on growing and preserving food
Independence Days: A Guide to Sustainable Food Preservation and Storage Sharon Astyk Book? Food preservation ILL Makes the case for food storage and preservation as integral parts of an ethical, local, healthy food system; tells readers how to begin putting food by.
Root Cellaring Bubel, Mike & Nancy Book Food Both Economically storing what you've grown
Stocking up Organic Gardening and Farming Book Food KSC Storing and preserving what you've raised
The Urban Homestead Coyne/Knutzen Book Self-reliance, urban life Kl Co Gold for the city-dweller or suburbanite. Treats gardening, foraging, livestock, preserving, cleansers, choosing a place to live, rain harvesting, greywater use, lots of energy projects, transportation.
  • Homemade pantry staples: how cost-effective are they? Treats bagels, cream cheese (anyone betting on an NYC venue, here?), yogurt, jam, crackers, granola.

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