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Klamath Local Foods Network

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The Local Foods Network is KSC's oldest standing committee. Here are some of its projects:

  • Our child-friendly Mills Community Garden is completing its third season. All the beds were taken this year.
  • The Klamath County Local Food Guide, created during 2011, tells all that was true then about eating locally. It has listings of local food producers and vendors, as well as other related businesses.
  • We maintain a local food blog, covering local food activities in Klamath and Lake Counties.
  • Ms. Roopika Subramanian, who was here on a year's appointment in 2011, not only spearheaded the Local Food Guide mentioned above, but also prepared the more detailed and comprehensive Community Food Assessment.
  • The Vegetable Garden Tour takes place every August and includes usually 12 to 15 gardens. One garden deserving special mention is the Klamath Falls Community Garden on South 6th just E. of Klamath St., whose 30 beds are usually full, and whose owners use a variety of growing techniques.
  • The LFN newsletter, edited by Dwight Long and distributed via email, contains items concerning local food production and consumption. To place yourself on this email list, click here.
  • You might also want to check out short-season gardening, an effort of KSC members.

The Chair of the Klamath Local Foods Network is

Klamath Sustainable Communities
1221 Main Street, Klamath Falls OR 97601
(541) 363-7316, (541) 884-9942

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