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Local Foods in the Klamath Basin

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  • A Leap of Taste sells coffee, sandwiches, and selected fresh produce in Klamath Falls on Main St at 9th. They have comfortable seating and a lovely ambience.
  • The Green Blade Bakery is excellent! It's on Esplanade, near downtown Klamath.
  • La Perla Bakery is a fine Mexican/American bakery on Shasta Way in Klamath.
  • Sherm's Thunderbird Market, in Klamath, is a full-service grocery store that also offers locally-grown produce.
  • Fred Meyer? 884-1086 Howard's Meat Center 884-8430 Grocery Pub on Division 851-9441 Diamond S Meats 884-8767 Who else?

Growers & CSA's

  • Adams Berries & Produce is a CSA & family farm in the Klamath Basin. This is their FB page.
  • Belweather Farm is a CSA in Keno, close to Klamath Falls. Their delivery point is the KF Farmers' Market throughout August and September.
  • Edible Earth Farm is in Bly, Klamath County. They specialize in greens, other salad ingredients, herbs, etc. Their 'spicy greens' mixture is delicious! They've recently opened a retail outlet on 9th St. in Klamath Falls, where they sell honey, jams, various herbs and herbal products, etc. Nice!
  • The Flying T Ranch, near Sprague River, raises grass-fed beef. They sell their product at the ranch, at Eco-Solar in Klamath Falls, and at the Klamath Falls Farmers' Market.
  • Fresh Green Organics is Rick Walsh's greenhouse-based, geo-thermally heated CSA located to the south of Klamath Falls. Share prices and drop-off points are specified in the link.
  • sweetUnion stauntonFamFarm simple gifts farm Aerie Acre Klamath Falls' CSB Horseley Farms Serenity Organic Farm

Farmers' & other markets

  • Klamath Falls Farmers Market is the largest Farmers' Market in Klamath County. It is open Saturdays during harvest season from 9AM to 1:30PM. In addition to growers' stalls, there are artists' stalls and service booths such as the OSU Extension 'Plant Clinic' booth.
  • The Klamath Farmers' Online Marketplace (KFOM) is a joint project of KSC and the Blue Zones project. Prospective Growers and Customers can obtain more information and register here. Members can pick up their food orders at the Herald & News building, 2701 Foothills Boulevard in Klamath Falls, on Thursdays from 5-7PM.

The Klamath Local Foods Network

Other Local foods organizations

  • The Klamath Falls page of the Blue Zones Project
  • Center for Rural Affairs is a non-profit in Nebraska that attempts to enhance rural life while providing some of the resources to do so. They keep their eyes on politics, economics, home & hearth, farm production, etc.
  • Klamath Lake Community Action Services helps Klamath and Lake County residents with issues such as foreclosures, food assistance, and home energy retrofits. They also work to improve community functioning in such areas. They supported Roopika Subramanian in 2011 while she created her excellent Local Food Guide.
  • The Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank is the local branch of the Oregon Food Bank. They distribute canned goods, staples and in-season local produce to persons who show up at their door Monday-Thursday from 11-3:30.
  • Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is a nationwide membership organization working to improve the status of organic food in the US.
  • Local Harvest is a nation-wide directory of local growers, processors, and sellers, for the various areas of the country. It has links to CSA's, farmers' markets, farm-stands, blogs, food-hubs, retailers featuring local foods, etc. Their site has an effective search engine for resources in whatever area you are interested in. (Occasionally a listing will become out-of-date when its owner neglects to update it.)
  • Eatwild.com has a searchable directory of pasture-based farms from which you can buy both locally and by mail. They also have information for those wishing to start producing grass-fed meats.

Guides to local foods in the Klamath Basin

  • The Klamath-Lake County Food Assessment was prepared by Roopika Subramanian and others during her stay here. The assessment, a .pdf of about 16 meg, has a lot of valuable information and is worth the download time.
  • The Klamath-Lake Food Explorer provides information on Klamath Basin local foods. It has listings for Klamath County and Lake County producers and retailers; community gardens; farmers' markets; and more. It is maintained by Dwight Long and other members of the Klamath Local Foods Network (see above).
  • The excellent Local Food Guide for Klamath and Lake Counties was prepared by Roopika Subramanian in 2011. It lists local growers, CSA's, markets, retailers, and eateries, as well as community gardens.

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