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The Land Institute...

...is the brainchild of Wes Jackson, a botanical researcher in Kansas. He and his coworkers have worked diligently since around 1970 to develop a mix of perennial grasses and forbs, some perhaps of their own creation, that efficiently convert sunlight into human food, and work together to sustain an adequate annual harvest per acre. (In this they are attempting to imitate what native grasslands do naturally.)

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
Land Report #103, Summer 2012 The Land Institute Pamphlet Food research KSC Issue covers Prairie Festival 2012, an interview w/Wendell Berry & Wes Jackson, water purification by perennials, and more.
Land Report #105, Spring 2013 The Land Institute Pamphlet Food research KSC This issue describes significant success with their perennial wheat 'Kernza'. Also some things Kernza is good for, plant science, and more.

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