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Problems with Plastics

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We start not with a statement of the problem but with two technologies that may go a ways toward fixing it:

  • Form and Fungus: A breakthrough invention uses fungal mycelium to build biodegradable substitutes for styrofoam and other plastics.
  • Precious plastic.com -- a way to recycle one's own plastic?

Bottled water is a large part of the problem.

Plastic marine debris is an even larger one.

What some people are doing:

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
Bag It Berrier & Beraza Video Environment Kl Co A story of the complexities of plastic
Plastic-Free Beth Terry book, e-book Envir, Liv Sust Kl Co "How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too": a practical guide to ridding your life—and the planet—of plastic.
  • My plastic-free life is a blog kept by Beth Terry, who has been campaigning against plastics for several years. She has written a book on the subject.
  • This article in The New Yorker for May 2, 2016 describes the struggle for a bill taxing plastic bags in NYC. The bill was blocked several months later by Governor Cuomo. The controversy between supporters and critics of plastic bags is not all limited to the plastics industry.
  • Precious Plastic is a firm that has developed a kit of tools for DIY plastic recycling. They have a shredder, a melter, and some way to mold the molten material into a brick.

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