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Problems in Forests & Wildlands

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Forests & wildlands generally

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
The Serengeti Rules Sean Carroll Book Envir Kl Co A tour de force. Starts with rules describing molecular processes in body cells. Then does the same for animals living in the Serengeti. Finally brings it home to other parts of the globe, such as the Gorongosa Park in Mozambique, Africa. How to do it right, instead of wrong.

Particular forests & wildlands

  • Wiki article on the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada, describing its formation and recent 85% level of protection against logging.
  • Executive Summary of the Fish and Wildlife Service's conservation plan regarding the Klamath Basin's wildlife refuges

Acid rain

Rain-forest deforestation

Problems caused by forest production

Ecological damage due to reduced biodiversity

Organizations and information sites

  • Sustainable NorthWest is another regional non-profit, working to improve sustainability in the NorthWest. They "restore forests, rivers, and rangelands for healthier habitat, clean air and water, and vibrant rural economies."

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