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"If life must be a race to use up everything we have, who exactly will win that race?"
-- Barbara Kingsolver, in "The Patience of a Saint", in Small Wonder

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Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
The Earth Manual Malcolm Margolin Book Envir repair KSC It's about repairing, locally and with local tools & volunteer help, damage we've done to the land. It covers fixing erosion gullies, planting to hold soil, various kinds of earth-and-water works, etc. Well-written, understandable, important.
Last Child in the Woods Richard Louv book kids/nature Kl Co "Saving our children from Nature-Deficit Disorder"
Living Planet Report [various years] World Wide Fund for Nature Book Environment ILL WWF's yearly analyses on the health of our only planet
Meeting the Expectations of the Land Jackson, Wes, et al., eds. Book Environment KSC Several excellent essays on the theory of sustainable farming, by authors such as Gene Logsdon, Wendell Berry, Marty Bender, John Todd, Gary Snyder, Wes Jackson.
Sand County Almanac (and others by Aldo Leopold) Leopold, Aldo Book Environment Both Leopold's seminal poetic creation of an environmental awareness
The Serengeti Rules Sean Carroll Book Envir Kl Co A tour de force. Starts with rules describing molecular processes in body cells. Then does the same for animals living in the Serengeti. Finally brings it home to other parts of the globe, such as the Gorongosa Park in Mozambique, Africa. How to do it right, instead of wrong.
Small Wonder Barbara Kingsolver [Audio-]book Environment Both Some of Kingsolver's poignant essays on our abuse of the Earth. Some tear-jerkers here.
State of the World (various dates) WorldWatch Institute Book Environment Kl Co World-Watch Institute's annual assessment of the world


  • Grist.org is a website of environment-related news from all over, sometimes with a political slant.
  • Klamath Prosper.org's goal is to educate Basin residents about natural resource issues in the Basin. They don't say this explicitly, but my impression is that their main focus is water use.
  • The Klamath Outdoor Science School (KOSS) connects kids to the outdoors. It lets them learn about nature where it's actually happening. (Some may get their first direct experience of nature through KOSS.)
  • You can calculate your ecological footprint on this website. Prepare to be surprised!
  • The Natural Step works to build an ecologically and economically sustainable society. Its science-based framework has been used by businesses, government agencies, communities and individuals in pursuit of sustainability.
  • Nicholas School of the Environment @ Duke Univ.
  • Northwest Earth Institute is recognized as a national leader in the development of innovative programs that empower individuals and organizations to transform culture toward a sustainable and enriching future [but their publicity is full of NewSpeak!].
  • The Siskiyou Regional Education Project - The Siskiyou Project works to protect the ecological integrity and biodiversity of the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion.
  • Spokane Falls C.C. pages on environment & sustainability have information on, among others, environmental issues; environmental databases; sustainability principles; credibility of info

Other Environmental Information

  • Scorecard - This interactive database, describing and ranking pollution sources and polluters for a large number of American communities, is now available on GoodGuide's website. The most recent data for Klamath County seem to be from 2002. (That's almost 10 years ago!)

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