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Climate Change

"Don't confuse me with the facts. My mind is already made up."
-- (Earl F. Landgrebe, slightly modified)

"It's not global warming, it's Global Weirding"
-- Hunter Lovins (RMI)

"The truth will set you free; but first it will make you damn mad."
-- M. Scott Peck, in The Different Drum

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Overviews & the science of climate change

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore Video Climate change Kl Co Facts and dangers of global warming
Field Notes from a Catastrophe Elizabeth Kolbert Book Climate change Kl Co Kolbert, who often writes about the environment for New Yorker, has written what reviewers liken to Carson's Silent Spring. Among others, it has an excellent section on what's in climate models.
Storms of my Grandchildren James Hansen Book GW Kl Co "The truth about the coming climate catastrophe and our last chance to save humanity"
We are the weather makers Walker, Sally Book Climate change Kl Co The history of climate change
This Changes Everything Naomi Klein Book Global Warming Kl Co Why the climate crisis forces us to abandon the “free market” ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, and remake our political systems.

Sea level changes

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
"Rising Seas", in 9/13 Natl Geog Tim Folger Magazine CC; oceans Kl Co (Bonanza) This extended article links global warming to rising sea levels, whose first stages we're already seeing. The magazine's signature maps show coastlines to be expected for various sea-level changes. The article also connects to recent mega-hurricanes, w/pix of Sandy.
Thin Ice Sington/Lamb Video GW Kl Co Subtitled "The inside story of climate science", this is the best summary I've seen to date on climate change. It shows the basic physics of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, and describes historical conditions at times when the gases were at the level we're headed for. A fine flick.


Methane is a greenhouse gas much more potent (est: 20-30 times) than CO2. Luckily, there's not as much of it in the atmosphere. Sources of methane include:

  • Cattle & other ruminants; feedlots
  • Natural gas and petroleum mining, refining, and distributing operations
  • Landfills
  • Thawing permafrost
  • Methane clathrate (Undersea methane trapped in water crystals by deep-sea pressure)

Vehicle emissions & Climate Change

Predictions & Warnings

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
The Long Emergency Kunstler, James H. Book EnergyDescent KSC Surviving the end of oil, climate change, and other converging catastrophies of the 21st century. "If you give a damn, you should read this book."
Hot, Flat, and Crowded Thomas Friedman Book Ener; Econ; Envir; Liv sust Both Global warming vs. population vs. increasing affluence. Has an excellent section on the "smart" electric grid.

Mitigation and Adaptation: Possible steps to take

Deep Green Briggs Video Envir Kl Co Solutions for combating global warming. Michael Pollan, Amory Lovins, lots of footage in China.
Cracking the Carbon Code Terry Tamminen Book GW ILL "The key to sustainable profits in the new economy"

What else can we do?


Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
A Fierce Green Fire Mark Kitchell Video Envir; Clmt Chng Kl Co Puts current climate change activism in the context of the environmental movement from the 1950's. Riveting footage about Chico Mendez' life, and death, and his effect on the future of the Amazon Basin.
Fight Global Warming Now McKibben, Bill Book Environment Kl Co
The End of Nature McKibben, Bill Book Environment ILL A classic work on our environmental crisis
  • Citizens Climate Lobby.org "exists to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power." They have a Southern Oregon/Ashland/Medford chapter meeting monthly. Meeting times/locations can be found by emailing southernoregon at citizensclimatelobby dot org.
  • Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV)
  • Founded in 2003, The Post Carbon Institute is leading the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world.
  • Power Past Coal.org is a regional non-profit working on various coal issues. They have a currrent campaign against an ocean-side coal terminal in/near Bellingham, WA. There's also some interesting footage of an anti-coal-power-plant demonstration in Shandong province in China.

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