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Biodiversity (Species dieoff)

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Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
Arctic Circle Robert L. Reid Book Species dieoff Kl Co "Birth and Rebirth in the Land of the Caribou" "...and forthright reflections on what makes a place sacred become striking testimony to the importance of the Arctic world..."
The Diversity of Life (and others by E.O. Wilson) Wilson, E.O. Book Dieoff Both Biology & Ecology from a master
Flight Behavior Barbara Kingsolver Book Dieoff Both This novel, believe-it-or-not, is about Monarch butterflies and a Southern Appalachian family's dramatic encounter with them in a place where they shouldn't be.
The Serengeti Rules Sean Carroll Book Envir Kl Co A tour de force. Starts with rules describing molecular processes in body cells. Then does the same for animals living in the Serengeti. Finally brings it home to other parts of the globe, such as the Gorongosa Park in Mozambique, Africa. How to do it right, instead of wrong.
Silent Spring Carsen, Rachel Book Environment Kl Co Rachel Carson's famous description of how DDT kills wildlife

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