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Solar Living Source Book John Schaeffer Book LS, Energy Both "Your complete guide to renewable energy technologies and sustainable living." This is a catalog of the Real Goods store in Mendocino County, California, but it's much more than that: it's a guide to living off the grid, as well as to sustainable living in urban areas. A true compendium.
  • Eco-Solar is one of the premier alternative-energy contractors in southern Oregon. They design and install solar energy systems, and also do electrical work in Oregon. They were a main sponsor of forums concerning home energy retrofits that took place in Klamath during 2010 and 2011.
  • OregonTech's PV solar system is one of the largest in the state of Oregon.
  • Solar-charged lawnmower at appropedia.org. The article describes how the author converted an old gasoline mower to use an electric motor, then adapted a solar panel to the task of charging it. His conversion was a little expensive, but he mentions how the price can be shaved a good deal. There are helpful links to related web articles.
  • Chilean women as solar engineers! Now that's true networking.
  • Solar Today is a bimonthly magazine which covers innovative active and passive solar house designs, solar technologies, building performance, cost effective designs, etc.
  • Sunelco has been in the renewable energy business since at least 1980, carrying photovoltaic systems and components, as well as equipment for wind and water power. They also carry well pumps.

Solar-electric organizations

  • The Klamath Solar Association meets at 6PM on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the public meeting room at the Main Library. Their meetings often feature presentations on topics of alternative energy or sustainable building.
  • The National Council for Solar Growth is a non-profit organization that helps homeowners and businesses negotiate the sometimes tricky process of choosing and installing a solar PV system.
  • The Oregon Renewable Energy Center was established at OregonTech in 2001 to integrate renewable energy into practical energy systems for businesses and consumers. They offer courses and hands-on experience.

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