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Bio-Fuels (other than Wood)

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As we use it here, 'bio-fuels' embraces methane, gases from producing charcoal, "bio-Diesel" (reclaimed cooking oil), alcohols distilled from organic matter, etc.; but not wood itself, which we treat in these various places.

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
Energy Primer Merrill & Gage Book alt ener. KSC o'size "Everything you wanted to know about alternative energy" (1974)
Handbook of Homemade Power Eds, Mother Earth News Book alt ener KSC Published by The Mother Earth News. Covers wood, water, wind, solar (as it was then), methane production (1974)
New Low-Cost Sources of Energy for the Home Peter Clegg Book Energy KSC Garden Way Publishing. Solar, wind, water power, waste systems, wood heat. Catalog pages. (1975)
Other Homes and Garbage Leckie et al. Book Green B, Living S. KSC "Designs for self-sufficient living". 1975, but lots of the info hasn't changed.
Producing Your Own Power Stoner Book alt ener KSC "How to Make Nature's Energy Sources Work for You" (1974)
Solar Living Source Book John Schaeffer Book LS, Energy Both "Your complete guide to renewable energy technologies and sustainable living." This is a catalog of the Real Goods store in Mendocino County, California, but it's much more than that: it's a guide to living off the grid, as well as to sustainable living in urban areas. A true compendium.

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