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Energy Efficiency

"After the second oil shock in 1979, the U.S. cut energy use by 10 percent in four years while GDP rose 11 percent"
-- Amory Lovins (in Summer 2014 Solutions Journal)

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Reinventing Fire...

...is Amory Lovins' code phrase for using economic benefits to dramatically spur energy efficiency measures in buildings, homes, processes, generation, & transportation. It is also the name of RMI's detailed look at these measures and their possible savings:

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
Reinventing Fire Amory Lovins; RMI staff Book Energy eff. ILL; JRB A detailed and convincing look at the economics of energy efficiency. It should be required reading for students in both engineering and economics.

Energy efficiency in buildings

Energy efficiency in homes

Efficient electric power generation

Energy efficiency in processes

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Other references

  • EERE is (US) DOE's Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy program. They fund and do research in energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) promotes energy efficiency in service to economic prosperity and environmental protection. They work on energy issues at all governmental levels, as well as in utilities, transportation, and industry. They have compiled a 'Green Book' guide to energy efficiency in cars and trucks.
  • Amory Lovins interview - 2008 various topics
  • "Climate: Making Sense and Making Money" (from RMI) shows many ways in which US energy practice still falls far short of efficiencies that are easily and cheaply obtainable.
  • The Florida Design Initiative attempts to help reorient the building industry toward construction of high-performance, energy-efficient buildings.
  • North-West Energy Efficiency Alliance acts to mobilize the market toward energy efficiency as the most cost-effective way to meet the North-West's future energy needs.
  • RMI - Rocky Mountain Institute is a technological think tank in Colorado, started by Amory Lovins. Their expertise is not limited to energy issues, where they first excelled, but also future vehicles, resource efficiency in manufacturing, and improvements in how we build buildings.
  • A listing of RMI publications on climate and energy
  • UCLA's suite of energy design tools are created to help users design more energy-efficient homes, buildings, and other energy applications.
  • An Eight-Fold Way to Energy Efficiency.Note particularly the various solutions to the nine-dots problem!

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