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Aspects of Traditional Economics

"Capitalism will always survive because socialism will always be there to save it."
-- Nathra Nader, 20th-century restauranteur

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Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
America Beyond Capitalism Alperovitz and Speth Book Econ ILL Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty, and Our Democracy
Bleakonomics Rob Larson Book Econ ILL "A Heartwarming Introduction to Financial Catastrophe, the Jobs Crisis and Environmental Destruction"
The Bridge at the Edge of the World Speth, James Gustave Book Economics Kl Co Capitalism, the enviroment, and crossing from crisis to sustainability
Capitalism - A Love Story Micheal Moore Video Economics Kl Co Michael Moore throwing bricks at a sacred cow
The Ecology of Commerce Hawken, Paul Book Economics Kl Co Why "sustainability" is necessary but not sufficient. How business beliefs and practice must be reformed if we are to avoid the catastrophe we are heading for.
Forces of Divergence John Cassidy Mag. article Inequality Kl Co/ KSC A very readable review, in the March 31, 2014 New Yorker, of Thomas Piketty's new book Capital in the Twenty-first Century (see above). If there's not time to read the whole book, you should at least read the review.
Shock Doctrine: Rise of Disaster Capitalism Klein, Naomi Book Economics Kl Co How governments used shocks, violence to implement economic policy

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