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New Economics -- The Steady-State Economy

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Of course, the very concept of a steady-state economy -- one in which we're all essentially marching in the same place -- is anathema to economists, corporate managers, politicians and in fact most of us, who have been raised on the sanctity and necessity of economic growth. But of course, the world is a very finite resource, and no system -- neither our economic system nor even our human population -- can keep growing indefinitely within its bounds.

How can we think our way around this collision of ideas? Here may be some helps:

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
Beyond Growth Daly, Herman E. Book Economics ILL The Economics of Sustainable growing
Common Wealth Sachs, Jeffrey Book Economics Kl Co Economics for a Crowded Planet
The End of Growth Heinberg, Richard Book Economics Kl Co Adapting to our new economic reality
Growth Fetish Hamilton, Clive Book Economics Kl Co "Growth fetishism" and the marketing society lie at the heart of our problems
Hot, Flat, and Crowded Thomas Friedman Book Ener; Econ; Envir; Liv sust Both Global warming vs. population vs. increasing affluence. Has an excellent section on the "smart" electric grid.
Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update Meadows, Donella et al. Book Economics Both Revisiting Meadows' book with hindsight
Overshoot Catton, William Book Environment OIT How our population & resource consumption have out-stripped Earth's carrying capacity
Plenitude Juliet Schor book de-growth economy KSC Subtitled "the new economics of true wealth," this book studies areas such as the limits to growth (Chap. 3); changing work & consumption habits & self-provisioning (Chap. 4); producing with greater efficiency (Chap. 5); the steady-state economy (p. 168 et seq.); plenitude and well-being (p. 176 et seq.).
Small is Beautiful...25 years later Schumacher, E.F. Book Economics Kl Co Landmark essays on humanistic economics, as relevant as they were 25 years ago

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