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The New Economics

"The restorative economy is one that turns its attention in a big way to the small things."
-- Paul Hawken, from The Ecology of Commerce

"Small is Beautiful"
-- E.F. Schumacher

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This essay by E.F. Schumacher fairly well sums up the philosophy of the New Economics.

Here are some of its parts:

Other new (old) economic thought

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
The Ecology of Commerce Hawken, Paul Book Economics Kl Co Why "sustainability" is necessary but not sufficient. How business beliefs and practice must be reformed if we are to avoid the catastrophe we are heading for.
  • The Next System Project is a place for mind-opening discussion of what kind of society/economics/politics we might like to have.
  • A statement by economists on building the new economy. It begins, "We are economists who think that the economy should serve people, the planet and the future," and then lists some of the ways in which the old economy is failing us, and some of the ways in which the new economy will work.

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