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  • The CoHousing Network explains 'co-housing' and shows how it fits within the larger realm of community.
  • Dancing Rabbit - is an intentional community in NE Missouri. They are deeply into sustainable stuff.
  • East Wind is an intentional community in the Missouri Ozarks. They have existed at least since I was collecting such information in the 1970's & 80's.
  • Fellowship for Intentional Communities is a website with information and links for people considering this life-style.
  • Milagro Cohousing is an intentional community near Tuscon. They are environmentally committed, and practice rainwater harvesting.
  • Rethinking the Commune, an article published by AARP about a successful cohousing effort near Tuscon.
  • Village Homes in Davis CA is one of the first residential developments in the nation that was designed for sustainability.

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