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History and Achievements

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Creation of KSC

In 1995, the Klamath County League of Women Voters performed a study on Children At Risk, with Leslie Lowe at the helm. This led to a more general study on sustainability, followed by a community forum. LWV then formed a committee to continue the work on sustainability. That committee reached out to collaborate with Klamath Basin Audubon Society and Klamath WingWatchers on aspects of sustainability in the Klamath Basin. Finally in 2003, the committee wrote a 501(c)(3) application (finalized in November 2005) that formed Klamath Sustainable Communities as an entity separate from its LWV parent.

KSC now has approximately 25 voting members, and an email list of almost 350 addresses.

'2020 Klamath Vision' document

In July, 2010, KSC with other contributors finished work on the "2020 Klamath Vision" document, which sets out a roadmap for change in the Basin, with year 2020 as a target date. KSC members had primary responsibility for the "sustainability" sections of this document. (These sections are referred to as "roadmaps" under the appropriate headings in this website.)

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Leslie's creation and broadcast of the "One Hundred and One Things" list -- when?

We created the Local Foods Network as a permanent subgroup (committee)

Home energy retrofits

Straw-bale workshop at Carol & Jerry's house in 2009.

Straw-bale workshop at Karen's house in 2008.

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