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"If you make a decision and wonder how it will affect your children, you are thinking sustainably."
-- Leslie Lowe, Founder, Klamath Sustainable Communities

"To know and not to do is not to know."
-- Ancient Chinese proverb

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About Us

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  • About Sustainability

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  • Klamath Basin Community Resources

    Our current projects

    • The Mills Community Garden has been a project of the KSC since 2011. Located on a leased lot near the Mills School, the garden boasts 42 4-foot-by-10-foot growing beds; a composting facility; a garden shed with tools; a picnic bench; and a very nice greenhouse, courtesy of Klamath Tribal Health. Here are more information, some pictures, and gardening applications.
    • Our most recent major project is the Klamath Tool Library.
    • Other local foods initiatives:
    • Our gleaning project is active from time to time during the summer and fall, when crops are available for harvest. For more information, please contact
    • Tiny Homes (or is this old news?)

    Resources for Kids

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